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Styx Tattoo New York, Founder Philipus Murdijanto, well-known as Philip, was born and raised in Indonesia, relocating to the United States, New York City in 1999.Has established itself as a venue where our tattoo artists are encouraged to convey their passion for creating superior and innovative body art, while consistently delivering quality customer service.

The process includes a custom-made sketch before every tattoo, whether the piece is inspired by our extensive flash library or specifically selected prior to the consultation. Our artists are well-versed in a variety of styles and techniques that demonstrate the expansive breadth of their knowledge and talent.

Philip brings many years of tattoo experience; he began tattooing in New York City since 2002 Philip specializes in fusing two different but very interesting styles of art;Dark Arts his sinister approach and imagination in a very mysterious and New School Japanese style.

Philip cites his influences for his respect of art as: Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Giovanni Bernini and Salvadore Dali,Paul Booth,Filip Leu,Shige,Robert Hernandez,Little Dragon,and many more Also, inspired by all styles of art, paintings, sculptures, neo-classical, renaissance art pieces and traditional Asian artwork, Philip is currently studying fine art at Art Student League of New York with Michael Grimaldi and National Academy School of Fine Art. with Brandon Soloff,Nicholas Reynolds and Eric March



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